Data ​Recovery Services

Any error caused by hard disk, operating system or any other hardware may leave your computer filled with Blue Screen errors or complete unresponsiveness. However, the data inside can still be recovered with our technologically advanced recovery systems here at Computer Runner.

Computers can essentially be categorized in two types – Factory assembled branded desktops/laptops (like Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, Zenith, HCL etc.) or custom assembled sets. Computer Runner's data recovery services let you re-access your data, stored anywhere in the computer no matter what type it is. Whether a highly built, branded or a locally assembled laptop/desktop, our certified technicians will recover your PC completely!

Common Desktop Failures:

  • Unresponsive Computer

  • Accidentally deleted files or folders

  • Accidentally formatted hard drive

  • Re-installed Operating System

  • Overwritten files

  • Virus attack

  • Corrupted partitions or MBR

  • Data lost/corrupted by power failure

  • “Disk Boot Failure”, Blue Screen or any other error message

If you have encountered any of the above-mentioned failures, you need professional data recovery services. Call us to speak with one of our accredited, certified technicians.

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