​On-site Services

Computer Runner provides on-site services to individuals and businesses in the comfort of their home or office at reasonable rates. Our professionally trained and certified technicians are ready to assist you with your day to day computer needs.

When we are approached with a computer problem, whether a hardware or software issue, a few questions are asked prior to dispatching a technician. Not only will these questions help prepare the technician for an accurate and speedy on-site repair, they will also result in lower costs, minimum downtime, and most importantly, peace of mind for our clients.

If, in an unlikely case, our technicians encounter a situation outside of their realm of experience/ability, they will contact our support department which will make sure that the problem gets solved in a quick and efficient manner. If off-site service is deemed essential due to further work/research, under your full approval, our technicians will transport your system to our service center for repair.

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