Customer Testimonials

I purchased a Laptop from Best Buy and within several months the hard drive crashed. Best Buy refused to fix it . I took my laptop to Computer Runner and was able to get the hard drive replaced for a fraction of the price that Geek Squad wanted to charge me. The staff was extremely friendly and the services rendered were very affordable. Thanks!!!!
- Nick N. (Irvine, CA.) 

Could not be happier with Computer Runner's service. I tried for 4 days to remove spyware from my daughter's laptop. When that failed, I tried the Geek Squad's on-line service - 6 hours later they issued a refund and said they could not fix it. Called Computer Runner - in 24 hours the laptop was clean as a whistle and running like a champ with no loss of files. Price was way lower than Geek Squad, tenfold.
- Mark L. (Santa Ana, CA.)

Computer Runner not only fixed my laptop (dc jack damaged) but they also did it with an unbelievably fast turn-around time. They diagnosed my computer and gave me a rate that was $234 cheaper than MicroCenter! I SAVED $234! My laptop was ready the next day and they even cleaned and tuned it for FREE! I highly recommend these guys for ALL computer needs!
- Christopher A. (Tustin, CA.)

My grandson dropped his favorite toshiba laptop on his way to school. The screen was cracked and missing a few pieces. I took it to red cup IT and they said it would cost $345 to fix the problem. I then found computer runner and they offered a free diagnostic and only charged me $125 to fix it! Can you believe it? I also found the staff to be very kind and caring, rather at redcup IT they were a bit rude. I highly recommend this place! My grandson loved his new screen and said that it had better resolution than before. I will definitely be back if any other problems occur with my families computer. My grandson and I were extremely satisfied.
- Marla J. (Tustin, CA.)

I took my laptop to ComputerRunner for a memory upgrade; not only did they have low prices, but they also had a nice tech staff that was helpful. Overall I was happy and will return for any other computer problems in the future. If you want to get the job done fast and affordable, then I HIGHLY recommend Computerrunner.
- Luiz R. (Costa Mesa, CA)

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