Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Hard disk failure is not uncommon, and will eventually lead to data loss. Traditional mechanical hard drives are magnetic, meaning they will slowly wear out over time. And while a decent hard drive will usually last for a few years under the right conditions, failure is inevitable at some point. Even non-mechanical solid state drives can fail from time-to-time though, so regardless of the type of hard drive you’re using; it is paramount that you make regular backups of your important data.

The most common symptoms of hard disk failure include:

  • Unbootable system
  • Slow/unresponsive system
  • Clicking/grinding noises
  • Blue screens and other error messages

  • Some of the most common causes of data loss include:
  • Dropping the computer or hard drive
  • File system corruptions
  • Accidental deletion files or folders
  • Accidental formatting of the hard drive
  • Operating system reinstallation
  • Overwritten files
  • Viruses/malware
  • Corrupted/deleted partitions
  • Hard drive wearing out over time

  • If you are experiencing any of these issues, and you do not have a backup, it is important you seek professional assistance as soon as possible. The problem will only get worse the longer you wait!

    Regardless of your current situation, the cause of the issue, or even the extent of the damage, Computer Runner is here to help! Even when a hard disk fails, the data is still on it, and can be recovered with our advanced data recovery services. Our expert technicians have extensive experience recovering data with an almost 100% rate of success. With our recovery service evaluation, you’ll know exactly what data you will get back before proceeding.

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