Internet Setup

Router, ADSL, Broadband, Internet Explorer, etc …
Do you know what bandwidth you need in your home or office?

Navigating the many choices for Internet services can be quite overwhelming. Our highly-skilled technicians will analyze your current and future needs and help guide you through the pitfalls of selecting the proper provider (or changing existing providers).

Computer Runner technicians offer a high degree of professionalism, customer service, and enthusiasm when it comes to designing and implementing a plan that is right for your business. Our strong analytical and troubleshooting skills will prove vital in investigating and resolving your company’s current and future needs.

We provide:

  • Analysis of Internet connection needs and budget considerations

  • Recommendations for reliable Internet access providers

  • High speed broadband (DSL/cable/satellite) and dial-up setup and support

  • Internet connection configuration

  • Web browser configuration

  • Email software setup

  • Explanation of privacy and security options

  • Networked users and business may need the following additionally available services:

  • Broadband router installation and configuration

  • Wireless solutions

  • Group Email solutions

  • Shared document tutorials

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