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Economical Communications/Network Solutions
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An on-site network can further expand your business by saving you time and money. It reduces the amount of hardware your office needs. For instance, a network printer can be accessed by every computer in the office, eliminating the need to install a printer at each workstation. A single internet connection can be shared by the whole office. Scanners and CD burners can likewise be shared. Files and information are easily and quickly transferred via e-mail. Shared Folders make file-sharing even simpler. And with the built-in FAX capabilities of Microsoft’s Server products, retrieving a FAX is as simple as opening a folder!

Time is money, and an on-site network solution will surely increase you and your employees efficiency.

Call us to discuss your networking needs! With so many ways to build your business, our certified, experienced technicians are on hand and ready to answer any questions that you may have.

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